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About BrainAim

BrainAim uses the Gibson Test of Brain Skills to identify each student’s unique cognitive skill strengths and weaknesses.

This is how we make sure every student gets the best results possible. Since 80% of all learning struggles are the result of weak cognitive skills, clearly identifying those weak skills is the first step to finding a lasting solution.

We use programs that combine both personal brain training and digital brain training to deliver lasting improvements in brain performance for children and adults of all ages.

AccelerateRx and BrainRx  include working one-on-one with a brain trainer who will make the experience fun while providing the most effective workout possible for maximum improvements. This one-on-one training is supplemented with in-center digital brain training. Most people report improvements in their day-to-day life even before finishing the program. Students commonly see improvements such as higher grades, less time doing homework, less overall frustration, greater confidence, improvements in memory or attention, and even an increased love of learning.

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